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    I am currently in the 8th grade. In this case, can I take the Grade 9 or Calculus test?

    If you are currently in the 8th grade, you can take any test for Grade 8 and higher.

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    I am in the 10th grade at a British school and the 9th grade at an American school. In this case, which grade should I take?

    Since the grades are based on American schools, you can apply to Grade 9 and higher.

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    Can I take multiple exams on one day? For example, can I take the Grade 9 and Grade 10 exams at the same time?

    IMC consists of Grade 6, Grade 8, Grade 10, Grade 12, and Calculus exams. Students who take Grade 10 cannot take Grade 12, but can take Calculus on the same day. If a student takes Grade 8, they cannot take Grade 10 or 12, but they can take Calculus on the same day.

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    When will the test results come out?

    Students who take the exam online can check their results on My Page within 10 days. In some regions the test is taken on paper, and it will take approximately 15 days for the complete results to be posted.

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    We are a Math Club, not a school. Can my club also conduct paper exams?

    We may require additional documentation to ensure that the test can be conducted fairly. We will inform you if it is possible through document screening.

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    There are no textbooks to prepare for the exam systematically. Where can I get the material that I need?

    It will soon be sold on our site.

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    I am applying for the International Research Paper of Stem Contest (IRPSC). Does the subject have to be math and science? I would also like to know about the application method and screening process.

    Your research may be a topic in the humanities field, but it must be related to math or science. If you fill out the application form and register with the mentor recommendation letter and general recommendation letter, our IMC-IMPEA member teachers and professors will conduct the first screening, and a certificate will be given to students who pass the final second screening.

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