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About IMC

I am Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta, an Associate Professor in Physics at IIT Ropar and also the Head Director of International Mathematical Contest (IMC).

  • We are very pleased to be hosting this Math Contest for students from all over the world starting this year. We hope that many students from all over the world will gain more interest to study mathematics in-depth through their participation in this contest.

    Mathematics is the foundation of all fields; so studying mathematics in depth will be immensely helpful when you are learning all other subjects, including Science. Through this Math Contest, we want to help all students to learn how to study mathematics and how to use it. At IMC, we promise to provide the best math content through thorough research and development.

    To host this event, we are bringing together professors and teachers in Maths and Science from different countries, along with authors and teams who previously developed the Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment (SMILE) Math Contest.

    In addition to the Math Contest, we will also be hosting the International Research Paper of Stem Contest (IRPSC) for the first time this year. We will be selecting the creative writings of students based on mathematics and science and publishing them on the site as a journal. By showing how students use the mathematics and science we study at school, we want to give many students an opportunity to gain more interested in math and science subjects, and also study them more deeply.

    Our team of professors and teachers at IMC will select the best-quality papers, and we will recognize the efforts of the student authors of these papers by awards and certificates. This will greatly benefit them while applying to colleges and universities for higher studies.

    We hope that IMC's Math Contest and Research Paper Contest will encourage many students to come forward to study math and science in a new perspective.

    Thank you.

    Head Director
    Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta

  • The International Mathematics Prodigy Education Association (IMPEA) is a global association of K-12 math teachers who gather with the purpose of educating students who hold a strong passion for mathematics and helping them advance their math skills.

    In addition, the IMPEA is an association for talented professors in the field of mathematics and science who research and share their insight to inspire students and deepen their interest in these subjects. Although there are many math competitions being conducted globally by various organizations, those simply inform students of their test results and provide no meaningful experience to students. Most students are also reluctant to apply to these competitions because they consider the test problems too complex.

    “Even students with poor math skills can excel in math! Rather than simply giving out tests and only caring about test scores, we guide students on how to approach math and form effective study habits so that they can improve their math skills!” This is our philosophy. The International Mathematical Contest (IMC) focuses on improving student math skills by engaging students more into the test-taking process. In addition, the test is designed to greatly benefit those studying mathematics at school because it consists of problems that appear in the students’ textbooks. Because the test is composed of problems at the appropriate level, any student who studies math diligently in school can achieve optimal results.

    Just because it's a math contest, it shouldn’t mean only students who are able to solve complex problems can perform well. All students should be able to solve the given problems as long as they understand the content of the textbook correctly and know when and how to properly apply each theory.

    Through the International Mathematical Contest (IMC), we hope that many students around the world will become more interested in math and eventually be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to make a difference in the world.

How the International Mathematical Contest was Formed

For a long time, schools held their own math contests within their own school or teachers from local schools held math contests together. Math teachers from different regions have also conducted math contests in union. These math contests are still held frequently by many schools and districts.

Math teachers always held concerns regarding the need for high quality math problems that will help students improve their math skills and methods of providing feedback to students after a test that will further educate them.

For many years, several teachers have been uniting in an effort to effectively address these concerns. Subsequently, teachers from many countries shared their concerns with the administrators of the SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment) Math Contest. As a result, the International Mathematical Contest (IMC) was formed consisting of such math teachers and university professors from various countries, as well as members from the SMILE Math Contest Team.

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