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International Research Paper of Stem

Contest (IRPSC)


It is a sad reality that many students end their math and science studies simply by reading textbooks and solving problems. The purpose of this research journal is to inform students of the correct way to study mathematics and science by sharing how they can apply and use the material taught in schools. We hope many students will learn that math and science are not boring and difficult subjects, but they are fun and useful and can be helpful in many fields.


Middle and High School, University Mathematics Science Research Paper Journal Guide

1. Fields you can apply for: 1) Math
2) A combination of math and society, religion, philosophy, and literature
3) A combination of math and sciences
4) Any topic related to math
5) Chemistry, physics, biology, etc.
2. Application Materials 1) Math research paper (written in docx or tex file, font size unified as 10, references must be included)
2) Recommendation letter from the research paper mentor - 1 person working in mathematics (A recommendation letter from a schoolteacher is preferred.)
3) Recent school transcripts (pdf file)
4) Application form
3. How to Apply 1) Go to, register as a member, and apply through “Research Paper”.
2) There is no application fee.
    (1) Click “Apply”.
    (2) Fill out the application form and upload the research paper file. (A confirmation email will be sent to you.)
    (3) A link to the letter of recommendation to the mentor you filled out on the Application Form will be sent to your mentor email.
    (4) Mentor uploads the recommendation as a docx or pdf file on the recommendation link and clicks “Compelte”.
    (5) A confirmation email will be sent to you.
4. About the Screening and Selection Process 1) Applications are accepted throughout the year.
2) Excellent research papers are selected through screening 3 to 4 times a year. (Selected 3-4 times in January, March, August, October, and December)
3) The review process is as follows.
    (1) Select 40 to 50 research papers in the first screening
    (2) Select 15 to 20 research papers in the second screening
    (3) Students who passed the 2nd screening will make a presentation and answer questions for 15 to 20 minutes through zoom, and IMC will make the final decision after the student's presentation.
    (4) When giving a presentation via Zoom, one or two IMC judges will attend, and professors from other universities may be invited in some cases.

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