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June 20, 2023 IMC Individual Test Guide

23-06-20 03:51


1. The exams scheduled for June 20, 2023, will be conducted free of charge.

2. Test Code, exam instructions, guidelines, and Zoom links will be resent to the registered email addresses by June 20, 05:00 AM (EST). Students who do not receive the email should check their spam mailbox.

For individual test takers:

1. The following exam times are based on EST:

-The exam can be started at any time between 09:00 AM and 09:00 PM on June 20. The last possible starting time for the exam is 09:00 PM.

2. Individual test takers can choose between two exam formats on the day of the test:

1) Taking the exam on a mobile phone.

2) Taking the exam online

3. Exam Administration Guide:

1) On the day of the exam, connect to Zoom within the specified exam time.

2) Set your name in Zoom as the Test Code.

3) IMC Proctor will supervise the exam from 09:00 AM (EST) until all students' exams are completed.



ID: 233 371 5114

Password: 9ycv1N

※ Students must turn off the audio and turn on the video when joining Zoom. Proctors will monitor students' participation through video. Students who do not turn on their video will not receive their exam results. Desktop test takers must have a camera installed.

4) For mobile phone and online exams, visit www.imc-impea.organd click on "Taking an Exam" at the top right corner. Enter the registered email and Test Code to access your exam paper.

※ Students from India who do not have an email will receive individual IDs separately. Students with separate IDs should enter their ID instead of an email.

5) In case of suspected cheating during the exam, the proctor will immediately cancel the exam.

For schools or educational institutions conducting exams with teacher supervision:

1. The exam can be conducted at any time on June 20, based on EST.

2. Students can take the exam in the following ways:

1) Taking the online exam using a laptop or desktop (Answers are marked directly online, so no separate OMR answer sheets are required).

2) Taking the online exam using a mobile phone (Answers are marked directly on the mobile device, so no separate OMR answer sheets are required).

3) Downloading the question paper and OMR answer sheet as PDF to take the exam.

-IMC does not provide support for printing the question paper in this case.

-Students can either print both the question paper and OMR sheet or only print the OMR sheet and mark the answers with a pencil (B or 2B) or a computer pen, then take a photo and submit it to the proctor.

-Proctors should take photos of students' OMR answer sheets, zip them, and send them to admin@imc-impea.org.

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